About me

December 11th, 2021

Hi, I'm Nodira - a Machine Learning enthusiast from Uzbekistan willing to learn, invent, and giving back to the community.

My core values are curiosity, growth, and responsibility: I have always been naturally curious and an avid learner. This passion led me to learn programming, algorithms, and Artificial Intelligence (AI), and ultimately allowed me to graduate with a Computer Science degree. Once I understand the how and why I want to optimize and improve it. That's why I value growth. Now, I want to make a difference in the lives of people by bringing advanced solutions to healthcare. I envision the Outreachy program as a motivating opportunity to learn the necessary skills to drive medical breakthroughs with Data Science in a diverse culture and environment. I also value responsibility. It's very important both in personal and work life. Responsibility makes a person trustworthy and loyal.

Uzbekistan is a multinational country. Being part of the Uzbek community and being patient in learning new things, I am keen on learning new languages. I like discovering new places, cultures in depth - starting from their history, language to food. Throughout the years of this passion, I have developed a methodology of learning new words for myself.

During my break times in between work and studying new things, I enjoy experimenting with gastronomy. It helps me to try a multi-national kitchen and the whole process feels like delivering good energy to family members in the form of the food.

For the time being, I'm interning at Mboalab in the scope of the Outreachy program. Our vision is combining AI systems with an irreplaceable human clinician to bring an innovative solution for an early and better diagnosis. I express my gratitude to my friend @muneesh for advising me to apply to this program.

That's it about me, thanks for reading! :))